English Tutoring

English Tutor Sydney

We cater for all levels of English tutoring from pre kindergarten level to HSC and beyond.

HSC English

There are six different English courses students can elect to study for their HSC: Standard English, Advanced English,, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, English as a Second Language and Fundamentals of English. Confidence and good results in these courses can be vital for students who wish to undertake tertiary study or to further develop students’ skills in effective communication, an essential quality required for the workforce.

Students today are twenty-first century learners and it is important that they are adequately prepared for all that life entails. A strong ability to communicate effectively is essential for a successful future and if students lack this it is important to seek a private tutor.  A tutor can build student confidence and challenge students to excel.

Year 7 – Year 10 English

The 7-10 English curriculum builds upon student understanding and aims to develop effective communicators. This is an essential life skill and students should be confident and competent when writing, speaking and exploring literature.

Kindergarten – Year 6 English

The K-6 English curriculum provides students with foundational understandings of reading, writing, talking and listening. These skills are vital for future learning and students should be confident and competent in all areas.

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