HSIE Tutoring

We cater for all levels of Human Society and it’s Environment tutoring across the HSIE spectrum. From pre kindergarten level to HSC, from junior commerce to Ancient History.

HSC (Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History Extension, Legal Studies, Modern History, Society and Culture, Studies of Religion)

Ancient History, Modern History, History Extension HSC
These History courses give students the opportunity to investigate either past or modern day historical events using methods of historical inquiry. These courses prepare students for tertiary study and give them an excellent understanding of the world.

Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies HSC
These courses provide students with strong foundational understandings which will be essential for careers in these fields and tertiary study.

Year 7 – Year 10 (Commerce, Geography, History)

These three 7-10 courses aim to make students familiar with our world, not only physically, but how it was shaped through past events and how it functions economically. Students need to feel confident in understanding the curriculum in order to make them informed, responsible and active citizens.

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