Maths Tutoring

Maths Tutor Sydney

We cater for all levels of Maths tutoring from pre kindergarten level to HSC and beyond.

HSC (General, Mathematics, Extension 1, Extension 2)

There are four different Mathematics courses students can elect to study for their HSC: General Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2. Confidence and good results in these courses can be vital for students who wish to undertake tertiary study.

Students today are twenty-first century learners and it is important that they are adequately prepared for all that life entails. A strong foundational understanding of Mathematics and problem-solving is highly important and tutoring can play a key role in developing enjoyment, confidence and competence. A private tutor can assist students to make connections in their learning.

Year 7 – Year 10

The 7-10 Mathematics curriculum builds on all that is learnt in the early years. Students progress through a continuum and it is essential that their knowledge and understanding develops accordingly. Student confidence and competence is also important as they prepare for external testing.

Kindgergarten – Year 6

The K-6 Mathematics curriculum provides the foundations for students’ mathematical knowledge and understanding. These early years of Mathematics are important to develop each student’s confidence and enjoyment with Mathematics and allow them to develop perseverance as they are faced with more difficult challenges as they progress in school.

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