Science Tutoring

Science Tutor

We cater for all levels of Science tutoring across the science spectrum. From pre-kindergarten level to HSC, from junior science to chemistry.

HSC (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, Senior Science)

Senior Science

The Senior Science course gives students a broad overview of all science disciplines. It builds upon prior learning and continues to equip students with information which allows them to be responsible community members.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science HSC

These courses focus specifically on different science disciplines. Confidence and good results in these courses can be vital for students who wish to undertake tertiary study.

Students today are twenty-first century learners and it is important that they are adequately prepared for all that life entails. Science provides students with the opportunity to investigate, hypothesise and research. To ensure continued success in this area a private tutor can provide support and assistance, as well as opportunities to challenge students to excel.

Year 7 – Year 10

The 7-10 Science curriculum aims to develop student’s knowledge and understandings of the world which allows them to make responsible and informed decisions about their interactions with the Earth. It is important that students have a well-developed understanding in order to be responsible members of a community.

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