Tutoring Roles

Looking for a tutoring job?

Do you have what it takes to become a tutor with Learn at Home Tuition?

-    Reliability?
-    Passion for teaching and assisting others?
-    Good Academic Record?
-    Commitment?
-    Excellent communication and people skills?

Due to the high demand for good tutors, Learn at Home Tuition is always seeking suitably qualified and highly committed tutors.

To become a tutor with Learn at Home Tuition you will need to be one of the following:
-    University Student
-    University Graduate
-    Qualified Teacher

degree Tutoring Roles

How does it work? 

Learn at Home Tuition provides one-to-one home tutoring for school students. Tutors are required to travel to the student’s home for weekly tutoring sessions over a school term. While we aim to offer you students in close proximity to your home, access to a car is essential.

Tutoring takes place during afternoons and early evenings, both weekdays and weekends. Tutors are able to nominate their preferred days and times, allowing you to be flexible with your timetable.

Tutor Rates
Tutors are paid directly by the client for each lesson. Our rates are competitive and based on tutor qualifications.

-    University Student                                          $25-$30
-    University Graduate                                       $35-$40
-    Teachers and Qualified Professionals     $45-$50

What happens after you apply?
Once you have submitted your application a member of staff will call you and you will undergo a screening process where it will be determined whether you meet the essential criteria and qualifications required of a Learn at Home tutor.

Successful applicants will then be required to:
-    Undergo an interview where your communication and people skills will be assessed.
-    Provide a copy of your degree and latest academic transcript if you are currently studying.
-    Obtain relevant working with children accreditation – more info

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